Best Men’s Face Scrub [November 2019]

how do you exfoliate your face naturally for men?

Some natural exfoliants for your face are sugar, honey, papaya, yogurt and lemon juice. These natural elements contains acids that are helpful for your skin to assist in the process of cleaning dead cells from your face while being gentle to your skin.

Can you use face scrub everyday?

You can use a face scrub everyday if it is jojoba or celluloid based wax scrub and it will not over exfoliate. If you use a face scrub that has walnut/apricot based scrub because that is dermabrasion and you cannot do that to your skin every day. You should only do that once a week.

What’s the best skin care regimen?

You should start with a cleanser for your skin. After you clean, then you move on to toning your skin. Use an antioxidant serum especially during the day apply this first because the benefits to your skin are important. Eye cream, which is a night time ritual is done after you have done your night time regimen. Do your spot treatment, and then you will finish up with your moisturizer. During the day do not forget to put your sunscreen on.