Best Men’s Hair Conditioners [November 2019]

what makes a good hair conditioner?

A good hair conditioner is hard to find. Sure, there are plenty of decent products out there. But how do you find the best hair conditioner?

Well, it depends on your hair type. In order to find the best conditioner for you, you must look around for a product that’s designed for hair like yours.

We’ll discuss some of the best men’s conditioners for different hair types below.

Conditioners for Thin, Oily Hair

Men with greasy, floppy hair usually don’t bother with conditioner. Their hair tends to look “conditioned” already.

But some hair conditioners can actually help guys with oily hair. These products add some volume to their hair. They make it look more vibrant and healthy instead of greasy and weighed-down.

Best Conditioner for Thin Hair

Best Conditioner for Thin Hair


ArtNaturalsMoroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Conditioners for Dry, Brittle Hair

Men who have dry hair are usually the ones who seek out conditioner. These products help to make their hair appear moister and healthier.

They also work to eliminate the frizziness of dry hair. Ultimately, this makes their hair more manageable.

Sometimes, dry-haired men actually have to use conditioner to repair their hair. A good product can help to prevent splitting, cracking, and even hair loss.

Best Conditioner for Dry Hair

Best Conditioner for Dry Hair


American CrewDaily Shampoo and Conditioner

when should you use hair conditioner?

When I was a kid, I thought you were supposed to use hair conditioner every time I took a shower.

Of course, it didn’t take me long to realize I was wrong. If you do that, you’ll eventually start to accumulate conditioner buildup on your scalp. Even if you rinse well, that build up will eventually turn to dandruff.

And on top of that, too much conditioner makes your hair look overly greasy. There’s a fine line between moisturized and too moisturized.

So, be careful not to over-condition your hair. Here are some guidelines for when to condition:

For straight hair: Condition every 3-5 days depending on how “wet” you want it to look.

For wavy/curly hair: Condition every 2-3 days. Repeat whenever your hair feels very dry.

what’s the best conditioner for fine hair?

After an indepth study done with many products, the best one referred to as a game changer is Aussie Air Light Foam Conditioner. It is also affordable and available at most stores, but it really helps fine hair with volume and it is light and airy so it will not weigh fine hair down.