Best Men’s Chelsea Boots

What are Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots are a classic fashion staple for both men and women. These boots fit close to the skin and come up to just above the ankle. Typically, they have a loop on the back that allows the wearer to pull them up.

Since the 1960s, fashion icons have been sporting these tight-fitting boots in both casual and formal situations. Even The Beatles were rocking them when they first hit the scene!

Can I wear Chelsea boots with a Suit?

The great thing about Chelsea boots is their versatility. They look really good with jeans and a white tee (kind of a James Dean look).

But, they also look fantastic with suits! A slick pair of Chelsea boots are the perfect compliment to a nice two-piece suit.

These boots are made from a range of different materials. There are suede ones, leather ones, and even velvet. Depending on the dress code, any type would pair nicely with your outfit.

Do you tuck jeans into Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots don’t have enough space to tuck your jeans into. They fit tight against the ankle. If they right, you won’t even be able to fit your fingers in the space, so there’s definitely no room for your jeans.

These boots look best with slim-fitting jeans. This allows the pants to bunch up a bit at around the ankle of the boot. If you don’t like that look, you can cuff up your pants or pull them over the top of the shoe.