Best Jewelry For Daith Piercings

which side do you get a Daith piercing?

It is recommended that you do it on the side that your headaches occur on the most

do daith piercings help with migraines?

There is no clear study that determines with out a doubt these piercings work, however, a lot of sufferers do say acupuncture help with pain, so the daith piercing is done and the pressure is kept constantand help keep migraines at bay. this it will keep the pressure on their ear

What gauge should a Daith piercing be?

Buying jewelry for your Daith piercing is slightly different than buying other types of jewelry.

With a belly button, earlobe, or even nose piercing, you can go as big as you want. But with a Daith, you can only go so big. After all, there’s only so much room inside of your ear.

The most common size for a Daith piercing is 5/16″. If someone has particularly big ears, they might go with a 3/8″ piercing instead.

What jewelry can you put in a Daith piercing?

There are many different types of jewelry for Daith piercings. There are hoops, bars, and even horseshoes. It’s up to you to find jewelry that suits your personality.

The one thing to keep in mind is the size. With a Daith piercing, you can’t go as big as you want.

With a regular old earlobe piercing, you can wear 5″ hoops if you want to. Unfortunately, those don’t work with Daith piercings.

Can you pierce a Daith with a hoop?

It’s totally possible to wear hoops in your Daith piercing. In fact, this is a pretty popular look within the piercing community.

Some people actually say that hoops are the best jewelry for Daith piercings because they don’t have any screw-on balls.

Both bars and horseshoes have balls on them. When these brush up against a freshly pierced Daith, it’s very painful.

So, if you’re getting your first Daith piercing, hoop rings might be perfect for you. They look fantastic and are far less painful than other types of jewelry.