Best Hair Mousse [November 2019]

Name some of the best hair mousse for women

Orbe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mouuse is not only great for those who have thin lifeless hair, they have the best smelling mousse as well.
Alterna makes a mousse called Caviar and it is one that really helps protect the hair as well as bond the hair to repair split ends and damage from styling.
Keratase Discipline mousse is a great mousse that is used to tame wild frizzy hair.

Is mousse good for hair?

Mousse is great for styling and helping hold hair. The only bad thing is you should avoid product with alcohol as alcohol can dry your hair out.

What’s the best mousse to scrunch with?

You can scrunch your hair with most mousse products, but to make sure it holds is where you will need to use products like Garnier Fructis Paste and Sea Salt spray to hold it in place is the approach you should take

Is mousse better than hairspray?

For the most part when it comes to cementing a hair style, we think hair spray is the one product we need to use to make sure it holds. believe it or not, mousse with do that as well. For the most part, it is better on hair because you dont have to use as much, and it holds better