Best Hair Gel Men [November 2019]

What is the best hair gel for guys?

There are a couple, it all depends on the price you want to pay for the hair gel. Jack Black Body Building hair gel is a popular product, a little pricey for $14.00 for a smaller tube.
Axe is also a favorite among men because it has great hold and you do not have to use a lot, and priced at about 8.00 for the product
And coming in third is Dove hair gel. Not only does it smell fresh, it is very affordable at $4.50 a tube. Dove just introduced their mens line products not long ago, and they are a hit. Anything Dove has a tendency to have a great feel and smell.

Which hair gel holds the best?

There was a kind of blind study done. They took about 60 different products and had the subjects apply the hair gel. After 32 hours of wear and activity, it has been determined that American Crew Firm Hold gel has the best gel. It held up through the daily grind and didn’t look greasy or dirty after extended wear.

Does hair gel cause hair loss?

Hair gel in and of itself does not cause hair loss. What can happen is if you regularly wear hair gel, you should rinse it out before bed every night because there are some ingredients that can be toxic. If you do not rinse it out regularly, these ingredients can soak into your scalp and that can cause issues to occur which can lead to hair loss.

Is wax or gel better for hair?

It is believed that wax is better for your hair because the ingredients in wax are more natural and water based as opposed to gel which is not. Wax also has more pliability and flexibility that gel. When gel dries, it makes your hair feel almost like it could break off because it gets so hard. Wax does not dry like that on the hair and therefore keeps the hair healthier than gel.

is it bad to leave hair gel in over night?

It is not a good idea to leave gel in your hair over night because the ingredients can absorb into your scalp and cause some hair loss after long term use. However, as always, with an opinion, everyone has one. Sites say the blow drying that you do and using products do cause hair loss, and this is bad for you, etc. It boils down to this, everyone is different. Some people can use certain products and techniques and never have an issue, others not so lucky. But the rule of thumb is you shouldn’t leave any products in your hair overnight if you can avoid it.