Best Hair Clay [November 2019]

Is Clay bad for hair?

On the contrary, according to studies that have been done that show that clay can actually help promote hair growth. It also does not look like you have product in your hair when you use clay in your hair.

what does hair clay do?

Hair clay has a lot of the same characteristics as hair waxes do. They hold the hair in a style, and it does not appear that a person actually has clay in the hair. It helps hair have volume as well.

Which is better – hair clay or wax?

It mainly depends on the kind of look you are going for. Wax is heavier than hair clay and has more hold than clay. Wax is shinier as well and doesn’t leave residue like clay can. If you are going for a spiky hair hold, then you should use wax. If you want a more natural hair look with hold, clay is better for you.

Is hair clay good for long hair?

Hair clay is better for longer hair because it has good holding properties and does not make the hair look shiny or greasy. Hair clay also has the ability to add volume to hair as well.