Best Golf Shirts [November 2019]

What’s acceptable golf attire?

Men: Shirts with collars, and golf slacks/shorts. Shorts are not allowed to be more than three inches above the knee.
Women: Dresses, skirts, golf shirts, blouses, and specific t shirts are permitted on the golf course. Skirts and shorts must be conservative no higher than 5-6 inches above the knee.

For men and women, if caps and hats are worn, must be worn with brim forward.

What are golf shirts made of?

They are typically made of knitted cotton that is a breathable material to provide comfort on hot days. Others are made from silk or other synthetic fibers.

How should you dress for golf in cold weather?

Layer up so you do not compromise your swing. Wearing a thermal shirt that is long sleeve to help you hold the heat in and keep yourself limber. Also, wear a sweater as your outer layer is temps allow. If it is really windy, then wear a windbreaker to help cut the cold.