Best Gel Moisturizer [November 2019]

What’s the best gel moisturizer?

Make Succulent Gel is one of the best because it has cactus extracts in it. It is also non sticky and has anti inflammatory properties, it will hydrate you well and help with inflammation

How can you choose a good face moisturizer?

For oily skin, obviously you want to avoid heavy oils and use moisturizers that are oil free.
Hyaluronic acid and glycerin are great ingredients to look for with oily skin

For dry skin, look for the heavier oils such as coconut oil. Jojoba oil works great as well.

For sensitive skin, obviously try to find fragrance and (everything damage) free in the label. The less you irritate the more moisture your skin can absorb for that healthy glow

Is gel moisturizer good for combination skin?

They are actually good for most skin types. The key is to find the right blend of ingredients you need for your skin personally

Is gel moisturizer better than lotion?

It all depends on what you need skin wise. Lotion has a tendency to be much thicker and more luxurious than gel. It is a lot heavier than gel is as well. Gel is made to be light and has more properties in it that are meant to retain moisture and are better equipped. If you are looking for the light feeling or have oily skin that has issues already, then do not use lotion. Gel is better in that instance

Is gel moisturizer better than cream?

Gel moisturizer is better than cream in the sense that cream is much heavier on the skin, can include more irritants than may be found in gel. Gel is made with more water like materials and can be better at helping retain moisture. However, if you have oily skin, you want to stay with gel because it is lighter and it is less irritating than cream.