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When it comes to framing, the options are endless. You can frame your artwork with a simple black frame stock, encase them in an extravagant gold frame, or anything in between. Before you frame your work, take a look at these tips. A good frame should make your artwork even better and we want to help you do that.

Howard Hodgkin Painting with Frame
Framed Painting by Howard Hodgkin

Nothing makes an artwork pop quite like a custom frame. Don’t believe us? Next time you’re at the art museum, take some time to look at the frames on the paintings. Try to imagine what they’d look like without the frame and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Frames serve several different purposes. For one, they help to create a barrier between the painting and the wall. They bring out certain qualities in the paint that might get lost otherwise.

And, they lend a sense of professionalism and care to the work. A framed artwork, simply put, looks far more legitimate than an unframed work.

  • Choose Frames that Match Your Style The frame should compliment the artwork. It should help to bring out the best qualities of the work. It should never distract from the work itself. You’d never frame a comic book illustration the same way that you would a Renaissance painting. It’s not because one of them is better, but because the frame should suit the style of the work.
  • Glass or No Glass? Frames don’t have to have a glass panel. Some frames are simply intended to give the artwork a border and make it easier to hang on the wall. Typically, photographs are framed with glass. The panel protects the artwork from UV rays and foreign objects that might scratch it. Paintings, on the other hand, don’t usually have glass. This allows the viewer to get a better look at the paint’s texture. When it comes to frames, though, there are no rules. Experiment with different styles until you find the perfect way to display your art.
  • Consider Making Your Own Custom frames are great. It’s nice to hire someone to frame your work in a professional manner. Framers have a wide catalog of materials and give you plenty of options. But, you can always make your own frames. These days, it’s common for painters and illustrators to build simple frames out of common materials. You can buy a few pieces of wood from the store, adhere them together with hardware, and paint the frame any way you’d like. This allows you to give your pieces an extra personal touch.
  • 👍 Rule of Thumb If you don’t have the money for custom framing, poke around a thrift store. You’ll find that most secondhand shops have a wide selection of empty frames. You can even buy other artworks from the thrift store and remove the art so that you can reuse the frame.

    Our Recommendations for Custom Framing

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    Custom framing by Voila! Voila! Framing

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