Best Ear Hair Trimmer [November 2019]

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Technically, there is no scientific evidence to prove that trimming nose hair can make it grow back quicker. It is recommended that you use an instrument designed for this purpose.

There are a couple ways to remove ear hair naturally. One way is to use a depilatory cream to the outside of the ear, being careful not to get it inside the ear. It can cause damage, but the cream will melt the hair and destroy the hair follicle. Another way is to tweeze the ear hairs with a sterile set of tweezers, so as not to cause any introduction of bacteria. You can also go to a dermatologist licensed in laser hair removal, they can permanently remove it. Aslo, if you want, use lemon juice to bleach the hair in the ear, so it is not unsightly.

There is a fine line when it comes to nose hair. On one hand, you do need nose hairs because it helps filter bad bacteria, allergens, etc. and is considered a defense mechanism in our body. On the flip side, visible nose hair is useless and a huge turn off. You can use a hair trimmer if you wish, but if it dies mid trim, it is going to be quite uncomfortable. Most men will just pluck the hairs.