Best Beard Grooming Kits For Men [November 2019]

how do you use your beard grooming kit?

Just picked up a beard grooming kit, huh?

Wondering how to use it?

We can help! Most modern kits come with the same tools, so this guide should help you no matter which kit you bought.

Here are some general instructions for how to use your beard grooming kit to its full potential.

Step 1: Wash that Beard

Your beard kit probably came with a rinse wash. Use that to clean your beard up. Most beard washes are similar to shampoo, so they’re pretty self-explanatory (we’re assuming you’ve used shampoo before).

Scrub it thoroughly down to the skin. Make sure to clean out any leftover burrito that’s stuck in there (kidding!…kind of).

When you’re done, pat it dry with a clean towel. A little moisture is okay, so don’t worry about blowdrying it or anything like that.

Step 2: Oil it Up

Now it’s time for the oil. Any good beard grooming kit comes with oil.

Take a pea-sized glob of beard oil from the tin. Rub it around between your fingers to soften it up. Massage it into your beard. Make sure to go all the way down to oil every hair on your face.

Add more oil as necessary but don’t go overboard. Too much oil will look greasy and weird.

Step 3: Apply Some Balm

Beard balm is kind of like hair gel. It adds thickness to your facial hair that allows you to sculpt and shape it. Most beard grooming kits contain a small balm tin.

Scoop out a small amount with the tip of your finger. Again, a pea-sized amount should work. Rub it in your hands until it dissolves and spread it around your beard.

Step 4: Style!

After you’ve applied the balm, you can start sculpting. Use a comb or brush to shape your beard however you want.

Maybe you’re a curly mustache guy. Maybe you prefer the straight-down, ZZ Top look. Or maybe you just want to keep stray hairs from sticking out every which way.

Whatever the case, your beard kit will help you keep your facial hair looking good all day long.

should you use beard oil everyday?

There’s nothing wrong with using beard oil every day. You can even use it multiple times per day if you want to. Some experts actually recommend daily use for guys who want to repair dry, cracked facial hair.


It’s also important to wash your beard regularly. If you apply beard oil but fail to rinse it out at the end of each day, it can build up on the surface of your skin. Over time, all that buildup turns to dandruff.

should I wash my face after using beard oil?

You never want to wash your face immediately after using beard oil. That will rinse some of the oil out and ruin all of the hard work you did on your beard.

But, you should rinse it with water every night to remove some of the excess oil. Wash it with shampoo and conditioner every few days to keep it healthy and clean.

Remember, beard oil is oil. So if you’re prone to acne breakouts, you may have to put some extra work into maintaining your skin when using this stuff.