Best Beard Comb [December 2019]

What are the best beard combs?

Beardoholic- it is one of the more durable combs
Kent- it is not expensive and you get a set of three for all types of hair
Huntsman- more suitable for thick beards
Striking Viking-no static electricity, pretty durable as well

Kent 81T very portable, fitting in wallet or pockets

Are wooden combs better for beards?

The bamboo wooden comb is a bit better for the beard because it allows the natural oils in the beard be distributed more evenly, and they are effective detanglers.

Is it better to brush or comb your beard?

Bristle brushes are better to use rather than combs because they help keep the beard tangle free as well as assist with cleaning it because it grabs hold of little particles in the beard much better than a comb.
You will also actually help to “train” your beard better as well

Is it bad to comb your beard?

It is not bad to comb your beard. In fact, you should groom your beard. It helps with growth not to mention appearance.

How do you comb a long beard?