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Bedroom Wall Decor – Make Your bedroom so chic

Want to make your bedroom cool but can’t think of any easy ways of making it happen? Bedroom wall decor is a simple way to make your space more interesting.

Here are 4 unique bedroom wall decor ideas to get you moving in the right direction.

Ready to make your bedroom so chic? Let’s go!

A Brief Lesson on How to Decorate Your Bedroom

Choosing the right bedroom wall decor is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Okay…not really, but it can make a difference in your life. After all, you spend one-third of your life sleeping (ideally, not all of us get this much sleep) so you’ll probably spend a fair amount of time in your room.

So decorate your room in a way that makes you happy. This goes not only for your bedspread, dressers, and accessories but for what you hang on the wall, as well.

One of our favorite designers, Rosanna Bassford from Eggshell Home, gives some solid advice on how to add some personality to your bedroom wall art.

“When it comes to wall decor art seems like a conventional choice — however, you can make art feel new and unexpected by mixing frames or styles.

She continues by saying that, “When using two pieces together they don’t have to match or even be related. [In fact] putting two really different pieces together because it feels more intentional.”

👍 Rule of Thumb Let your own personality be the guiding light when decorating something as personal as your bedroom.

In other words, give yourself some freedom when choosing what to hang on your walls, unconventional pairings add personality and flair.

Reminder Yourself with a Daily Affirmation

Affirmation Wall Decor

Affirmation Wall Decor

If you’re going to be hanging something on your wall, you might as well choose something that inspires you to start your morning. If you’re going to be hanging something on your wall, you might as well choose something that inspires you to start your morning. There are a variety of different text-based posters out there with motivational messages to provide you with the encouragement you need to go out do great things.

The poster above is from a very popular Etsy. The posters themselves are usually customizable, and you can make them fit with the other things in your room. You can frame them or simply just tack them up with thumbtacks of your choosing.

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Find the Perfect Piece of Art

bedroom decor wall art

Andrew Moore’s Round Up 2

There’s nothing worse than living with a piece of wall art you hate, so be careful about making your selection. Once you go through the effort of drilling a screw to hang it, you’re probably not going to want to take it down for a while (just out of stubbornness). Look around online or spend some time browsing through antique shops until you find something that you really connect with. It helps if the colors go well with your blankets, curtains or furniture (obviously).

If you don’t find anything that really tickles your fancy, there are plenty of websites where you can print your own images for relatively cheap. Taking this route could be the best way to create the dream bedroom you’ve always wanted.

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Functional Wall Decor – Stay Organized w/ Your Decor

Bedroom wall decor inspiration

Calendar Wall Decor

Wall decorations don’t just have to be nice to look at…they can also be functional, too. Consider adding a decorative calendar to your bedroom walls so that you can keep track of all your schoolwork, appointments and other responsibilities. You can order a stylish whiteboard, have one printed on a vinyl sticker or even paint your wall with chalkboard paint.

We like this bedroom desk setup. Check out that great calendar printed on plexiglass!

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Get Creative With It

Bedroom Wall Decor

Creative Bedroom Wall Decor

Remember, your bedroom is your domain. Like hats? Just like the photo below, you can use your likes and personality to come up with something totally unique. When it comes to bedroom wall decorations, the possibilities are endless. Make sure that whatever you hang on your walls feels personalized. As long as your bedroom feels like your own, you’ll be much happier waking up every day.

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