5-Carat Diamond Rings

How Much is a 5-Carat Diamond Ring?

5-carats is pretty big for a diamond. So, they tend to cost a lot more than rings with smaller stones. On average, you can expect to pay between $10k and $150k for a 5-carat diamond ring.

It’s a wide price range, I know. But, you have to remember that a ring’s price isn’t determined by the diamonds carats alone.

The exact price depends on a range of additional factors including the stone’s quality, its cut, and the type of metal used for the band.

Is a 5 carat diamond big?

On the spectrum of diamond sizes, 5 carats is pretty big. Each carat is equal to 200 milligrams. So, a 5-carat diamond weighs 1,000 milligrams.

To put this in perspective:

A lot of aspirin pills are 1,000 mg. So, a 5-carat diamond has just as much matter in it as a large aspirin pill. However, the diamond won’t be quite as big as the pill because its contents are more densely packed together.

Typically, a 5-carat ring takes up roughly 1/2 of the knuckle on an average woman’s ring finger.

What is a Good Carat Size for an Engagement Ring?

A 5-carat ring is nice to have. If someone gave you a diamond that size, you should feel very lucky.

But, 5-carat diamonds are certainly a luxury. Not everyone can afford something that big.

So, you shouldn’t feel obligated to buy a 5-carat engagement ring for your loved one. And, you shouldn’t feel entitled to get a 5-carat diamond from someone, either.

Oftentimes, these rings are too big for most people, anyway. They feel weighty and clunky on the finger. Particularly for people with small fingers, a 2 or 3-carat diamond (or even 1-carat), fits much better.