Chic Outdoor Wall Decorations

By John Linden

Interior design, furniture design, lover of all things chic in home decor.

Need the perfect outdoor wall decorations? You’re in the right place.

I’m going to give you the 6 chicest looks for your backyard, patio, and outdoor space — and links to where you can find them Read on!

 Steel Wall Decor

Metal Outdoor Wall Decor

Steel Decor

While this abstract steel sculpture would look fantastic in any living or dining room, hanging it on the patio wall completely transformed this otherwise blank patio.

Outdoor wall decor is a great way to fill a large space like this one, adding a great touch to this lovely green backyard.

This piece was made as custom wall art for the homeowner.

You can commission a similar piece with a metalsmith.

I recommend Stefani and Co

 Outdoor Wooden Wall Art

Pallet Wall Art

DIY Outdoor Wall Decor

Don’t have an outdoor wall or fence to hang decorations? No problem! This “wall” was made from a repurposed pallet, stained and mounted in the garden to create the perfect spot for some plants. Functional shelves make great outdoor wall decorations. These wooden box shelving unit, are easy to build and will give you a place to hang your decorations.

You can similar piece for sale here

 Lattice outdoor wall decor

Natural outdoor wall decor

Natural Outdoor Wall Decor for Your Garden

Some of the best outdoor wall decorations utilize the plant life that already exists outside of every home. This lattice vine decoration was made using a few pieces of wire that provide a structure for the ivy to grow across. This piece demonstrates that a simple addition to the side of your home or backyard fence can really transform the environment by turning the local plants into beautiful decorations.

 outdoor wall decorations

Terracotta Decor

Terracotta pot shelving unit

Shelving units for potted plants can be a great addition to your backyard.

This gridded shelf made from repurposed rebar is a great example of a creative plant hanger.

Not all shelves have to be boring and industrial! With a little ingenuity, you can create a plant holder that functions as a decoration in itself.

 Pallet Wall Decor

Wall Decor

Shelving Unit Made from Repurposed Wood

Pallets, slat walls and pegboard can be fantastic ways to hang decorations if you don’t have a wall to use. This piece was made from repurposed wood and mounted to the side of a balcony to create a decorative plant hanger. Old wood can be found almost anywhere and transformed using a bit of wood stain.

Great Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor

Great Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor

Above is reclaimed wood wall art from 1776 Designs, one of our favorite wall decor companies.

See 1776 Designs Full Portfolio

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