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Why a Japanese Bed is Best

To someone who has slept on a big, bulky mattress their entire live, a Japanese floor bed might seem strange.

After all, it doesn’t seem that sleeping on a hard, flat mattress would be a fun thing to do.

But, in reality, Japanese floor beds have all kinds of benefits. Over the past few years, we’ve started to see more and more people gravitate toward them and put one in their homes.

Skeptical? We thought you might be.

That’s why we outlined this guide to the benefits of Japanese floor beds.

Benefits of Japanese Beds

I admit, these beds don’t look to comfortable. To most people, the prospect of sleeping on one of these sounds as appealing as sleeping on a sheet of plywood.

But, those who’ve made the switch really enjoy it. Sleeping on a Japanese floor bed can be very beneficial for your health.

Here’s how:

  • They’re Great for Your Joints

    Soft mattresses are great. But, as you sink into the thick foam of a big mattress, your joints shift out of place. Over time, this can be really bad for your body.

    The stiffness of a Japanese floor mattress, on the other hand, forces your joints to stay where they are. None of your bones shift and everything remains right where it’s supposed to be.

    Those who’ve recently started sleeping on a floor mattress report that they feel much better than they had with their old bed.

  • They Allow for Better Circulation

    Typically, a Japanese floor mattress is placed on top of a block of wood. This enables air to travel upward through the porous fibers in the mattress.

    The porousness allows dust, skin flakes, and all of the other grimy byproducts of sleep to make their way downward to the wood.

    Ultimately, they help to keep your lungs safe by making sure you’re not breathing in all of that dirt and grime while you’re sleeping.

  • They’ll Help You Sleep Better

    It’s hard for your body to rest when it’s fighting off joint pain and working to keep dust out of your lungs. By eliminating those things from your life, you’re bound to get a better night sleep.

    And sleep is obviously one of the most important resources we have. When you sleep well, your brain operates more effectively, your body is healthier, and you generally feel better.

    So, if you’ve been feeling unhealthy lately and you don’t know why, it might help to switch your bed up. It may sound crazy, but a Japanese floor bed might be what you need to get back to your normal self.

  • 👍 Rule of Thumb

    The one important thing to note is that Japanese floor beds have to be cleaned from time to time. The cleaning process doesn’t require water, though. All you have to do is hang the mattress out in the sun from time to time to allow it to air out. The sun will kill any contaminating substances on it so that you can go back to sleeping healthy.